Applock For Android APK

March 8, 2022 - DoMobile Lab Freeware

Applock For Android APK is a stylish app for keeping your sequestration secure in case of participating your Android or tablet. You can lock your Facebook, Whatsapp Messenger, Snapchat, SMS, Instagram, calls, and much further. Turn on the Uninstall Protection option and save your AppLock from deleting by anyone. A point medium is also available for locking the entire device.

Applock For Android
Applock For Android

AppLock Apk Features

Simple & Effective

Originally, you have to produce a numeric word, cinch pattern, or point for unleashing the defended apps. Anytime, you need to open the app, just fit the word, and view your needed app. The simple and effective app enables you to lock any social media app like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, dispatch apps like Gmail, Yahoo, and pall storehouse guests like Dropbox, OneDrive, your particular prints, or videotape galleries.

Intuitive Interface

The stoner-friendly interface helps you to control any access to Android’s functions. The UI is more dependable and fluently protects your sequestration.

Multiple Tasks

The important app makes you get relieved of any type of worries similar as parents checking of your device, from musketeers to use your mobile data, from any coworker to glance in your particular gallery, reading of your particular data by anyone, and from children’s gratuitous movements

Applock Android APK
Applock Android APK


The customizable app helps you to lock your apps in multiple ways, use a picture, cinch apps in the group, use different watchwords per app. The app can take a picture automatically if anyone tries to open your locked app

Free Access

App Cinch with freeware license as well as paid available for all Android bias. It was developed by DoMobile Lab. As the app is announcement- supported and if you want to avoid advertisements, you have to pay a one-time figure.

Multiple Options

The use of multiple functions for giving you guaranteed security similar as

  1. Picture Vault for keeping your prints in a virtual safe.
  2. Cinch/ unlock apps at any time or position.
  3. Use several biographies for locking different apps.
  4. Use point as a fake cover.
  5. Quick- cinch for switching on the status bar.
  6. app lock-download
Applock For Android APK Free
Applock For Android APK Free

Main Features of App Cinch

  • Simple & Effective
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Multiple Tasks
  • Customization
  • Free Access
  • Multiple Options

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