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March 10, 2022 - Viber Media Inc Freeware

Viber for PC Desktop is a free calling and messaging app. Around 1 million people are connected with it. It gives you a worldwide connection with your musketeers, family members, or anybody with whom you like to connect. It’s the stylish volition for Skype.

Viber For
Viber For

Viber Desktop for PC

The app can be used on your PC too from 2019. You just install the mobile app and take it to your PC. All of your connections automatically transfer to your PC. It enables you to reply to any conservation through your desktop. Viber has made it accessible that you can call or communicate free of cost to any part of the world.

Use of Stickers

After downloading Viber Offline Installer Setup for the desktop, you’ll be suitable to express your passions by transferring stupendous stickers.

Business Communication

To communicate with any business party or brand, you should take care of information participated by them online.

Group Calling

It enables you to have videotape communication with over 100 of your connections. You can add any of your musketeers by clicking the contact into your group.

Participating of Connections

Participating in your contact with any other person is veritably readily now. Just click the contact from your contact list and relate it for simple conservation or group charting.

Viber PC
Viber PC

Exchange information

Viber has made it veritably readily to search, discover and search for any type of entertainment. You can know further about caffs, events hospices, and much further while continuing your discussion.

Work With Single Click

It has a veritably simple and easy-to-use interface. Without any vexation, you can check the contact list, call log, and all of your chat histories. In the list of options, you can see the announcements. You can set it with your window.

Largely Defended

Viber gives protection to your dispatches. No one can read your dispatches, indeed Viber itself too.

Transfer of Lines

Now, you can partake your lines with your connections fluently. As with Viber 2020 for PC, it’s possible to relate your lines up to 200 MB. Partake your lines with a single click to your group. Also, you can shoot your prints in their compressed size.

Secrete Keys

Viber offers some secret keys that help you to know further about the person you’re communicating with. Exchange these secret keys with your group or elect musketeers. It’ll enable you to know about any changes.

Quality of Call

You’ll witness a veritably clear voice with Viber. Although, it depends upon the quality of your internet connection.

Viber For PC Download
Viber For PC Download

Viber Download for Windows (7/10/11)

Viber Free Download With vary comity with all types of bias, the app has special comity with all types of Windows — — —-Windows 10, Windows8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP are substantially operating systems to run the app veritably easily and reliably. In addition, it requires a 32- bit and 64- bit setup.

Free of Cost

The Viber with freeware license available for Windows 32- bit as well as the 64- bit operating system of a laptop and PC without limits and presented for all software druggies as a free download. It belongs to the Messaging and Converse order.

Viber Desktop for Windows Features

  • Free call and dispatches
  • The stylish quintet of PC and mobile
  • Gives protection to your data
  • Conference call up to 100 people
  • Up to 200 MB lines can be transferred
  • Sends prints or vids
  • Pleasant call quality
  • Exchange of secret keys
  • A simple and easy interface
  • Call with non-VOIP guests with veritably low charges

All by each, the app is giving you fully free calls and dispatches through your operating system and mobile. If you aren’t using the app. Let’s move to take the stylish installation.

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